We asked ChatGPT AI  what makes a good sales quoting program. Here is the answer

A good quoting application would typically include the following features:

  1. Easy-to-use interface: The solution should be easy to navigate and understand, with an intuitive interface that makes it simple to create quotes quickly and accurately.
  2. Customer information: A section to input and manage customer details like name, address, contact information, and other relevant data.
  3. Product Catalog: A database or catalog of products and services offered by the company, along with their description, price, and any other relevant details.
  4. Quoting templates: Pre-made templates or customizable templates for sales quotes that can be used to create quotes quickly and efficiently.
  5. Quote creation: An interface to create and modify sales quotes for customers by selecting the products or services from the catalog and adding any additional information such as  terms and conditions.
  6. Pricing and discount options: The application should allow users to set pricing and discount options for products and services. This will help to ensure that quotes are accurate and reflect current pricing and discount policies.
  7. Quote management: A section to track and manage quotes, including the ability to view the status of quotes, track follow-up actions, and manage revisions.
  8. Integration with other tools: Integration with other sales and customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, so that sales reps can quickly access customer information and update their sales pipeline.
  9. Reporting and Analytics: The app should provide sales reps and managers with reporting and analytics tools to monitor sales quotes’ performance, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to improve sales effectiveness.
  10. Collaboration and Communication: The app should allow for collaboration between sales reps and other team members, and enable communication with customers via email, chat, or other channels.

Overall, a good sales quoting solution should be easy to use, customizable, integrated, accurate, flexible, collaborative, and provide reporting capabilities.

What a great description of ProQuote!

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