How business does sales quoting and estimating

With over 25 years of experience helping businesses implement purpose-built sales quoting solutions, we believe every project should help you simplify work, enhance customer service and accelerate sales growth. Due to our proven design and implementation process, we deliver robust solutions that are easy-to- use and fit the way you do business.

Each business has different needs and different ways of generating quotes, proposals and estimates, that’s why we engineered ProQuote with the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of requirements and unique selling processes.

We believe a well-designed and implemented quote to order solution not only reduces costs and streamlines procedures but also delivers strategic insight into competition and changing market conditions.

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Why partner with us

Our mission is to help businesses grow by delivering a better more efficient sales quoting and estimating experience. Key to our success is the in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve and our commitment to our customers.

Our customers come first, which is why we tackle every project with a proven implementation methodology that starts with a clear understanding of the clients needs.

Once implemented, we stand behind the quality of our work and the durability of our solution. We offer more than a software program, it’s a total solution that makes work life easier and businesses run smoother.

In-depth knowledge of the industries we serve

How we are different

We’re a different type of CPQ Software Company. One that thinks that for real success, software must be combined with a proven strategy, experience people, measurable outcomes and a well-defined business process.

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Purpose built solutions

Most quote to order programs seem to be either low price but overly simplistic (one size fits all) or highly complex and very expensive. Our solution takes a different approach. One that combines the benefits of an off-the- shelve solution with the advantages of a “tailor fit” application configured just for your business. A key to our approach is focusing on a specific set of requirements important to your business and delivering on those requirements with a cost effective and easy-to use solution.

Eliminating shelfware

In the U.S alone, an estimated $12.3 billion a year is wasted on shelfware (software nobody wants or seldom use). By helping our clients approach a software deployment as a company-wide business initiative not just an IT or procurement project we eliminate this problem. Our “PQ-Sure” deployment process provides a strategy and plan to educate, communicate and mandate exactly what is needed for high adoption rates and a successful project. Every single time.

Software is not enough

We believe software on its own cannot solve your problems or guarantee your company greater success. Software must be part and parcel of a solution that includes experienced people, a proven strategy with measurable outcomes and a well-defined business process.

We are not all identical

Every business is different. Different people, process, tools, systems, organizational structures, goals, challenges and priorities. So why buy generic software? Pro-Quote specializes in creating purpose built solutions designed to shape your software around your business, not the other way around.

In it for the long haul

After 20 years we are considered pioneers of the industry. We are not in this for a quick sale, we are strategic partners who build long term relationship built on trust and service. We are proud of our 98% retention rate.


Industries we serve

ProQuote is a purpose-built solution designed with the flexibility to work in a wide range of industries. Our aim is to help businesses achieve operational efficiency, sustainability, product quality and revenue growth.

We solve problems from the routine to the most complex. No job is too difficult. We are proud of our success and the tremendous contribution our software and services contribute to our customers each and every day.

What our customers say

To say that IMPAC can make their program “tailor fit” you needs, is an understatement. Everyone I’ve encountered at IMPAC has been wonderful to work with.

Tricia Freer
Inside Sales Manager