ProQuote running on Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) provides an easy, cost effective and reliable way to deploy ProQuote in a cloud environment. This approach is ideal for businesses that want to avoid the need to secure, deploy, and manage complex on-premises computer and networking environments.

ProQuote is a sales quoting solution designed to help business generate and track sales quotations from first issued until order acceptance. Its available in a MS-Office Edition or bowser-based ProQuote .NET. In both editions, ProQuote is built with the flexibility to work in a wide range of industries and help simplify the sales quoting process, whether you have a team of three or three hundred. MS-Azure creates a new way to deploy ProQuote quickly and cost effectively in a cloud-based desktop environment.

Typically, businesses deploy ProQuote MS-Office Edition in an on-premise networked Client/Server or Terminal Services/Remote Desktop configuration. This requires an investment in hardware, software licensing and in-house technical expertise to manage and maintain the system. These costs can be an obstacle to implementing new business solutions, particularly for smaller businesses.  The cloud based (AVD) virtual desktop eliminates the need for up-front investment and ongoing management of infrastructure. It provides businesses with a simple, affordable way to deploy ProQuote and make it widely accessible to users.

In essence, Azure Virtual Desktop replaces the need for standalone desktops or laptops and permits staff to access their work applications from any location and using their preferred device (PC, MAC, tablet). Since each user’s virtual Windows desktop environment is the same, businesses can deploy a standard desktop for each user in the company and eliminate costs associated with maintaining physical standalone devices. Microsoft Azure maintains the underlying infrastructure. allowing the business to focus on just managing the Virtual Desktops.

A major benefit of AVD is the availability of the Windows 10/11 Enterprise Multi-Session Operating System that allows multiple concurrent interactive user sessions.  Previously, only Windows Server provided this capability. For example, 5-10 ProQuote users can be setup under one Windows 10/11 Multi-Session, all using the identical desktop environment. This capability lets you pool resources of a Windows 10/11 Virtual environment, thus reducing costs.

In combination with the AVD, ProQuote in the cloud connects to Azure SQL, a fully managed service that runs just like SQL Server database engine. In the past, an SQL database would require expensive server hardware, software licensing, and technical expertise, costing tens of thousands of dollars. With Azure SQL all this capability is bundled together in one low-cost monthly fee.  As your business grows, it’s easy to scale up the Azure resources to meet the growth of the company.

In summary there are numerous benefits to running ProQuote under Azure Virtual Desktop including:

  1. Create a full desktop virtualization environment, without running any on-premise networks or server infrastructure.
  2. Deploy Multi-Session Windows desktop capability that lets you pool resources and reduce costs.
  3. Standardize the production environment and publish full desktop applications like ProQuote. All users work from the identical desktop.
  4. Scalable and flexible environment that lets you easily increase or decrease capacity based on the business needs.
  5. Connect from any device from any location. A truly mobile computing environment

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