Running a business isn’t easy, but a well-designed quote to order system c an help make work life easier and contribute to sales growth targets. Keep in mind, that software alone can’t solve the challenges often facing today’s businesses. A reliable solution provided with creditable industry experience is also important. One who takes the time to understand your business, helps to identify your specific needs and makes recommendations to benefit your business.

For businesses that routinely quote their products and services, a sales quoting solution offers several advantages to help boost sales, enhance margins and simplify work. Here are just a few sales quoting practices that can help your organization standout from the rest.

Be First: By simplifying the sales quoting process, and getting the quote in front of the customer in a timely fashion, the sales rep gets a “jump start” to closing the sale. This is particularly important in sectors where the product is often customized or configured to the customer’s specific needs.

Standardize Procedures: Standardizing quoting procedures will enforce best practices across the organization, eliminating duplication and costly errors. It also helps to ensure consistency and quality of quotes and promotes a professional image to customers.

Maintain Margins: In a competitive market with demanding customers, a sales quoting tool tells you where you stand on margin and profit. You have the flexibility to adjust prices, while still maintaining a desirable margin or walk away from unprofitable work.

Be More Proactive: With all your quotes in one place it’s easy to track and follow-up on quotes. Alarms and timely reports provide the tools to keep you on top of every opportunity.

Track Performance: What gets measured gets done. A good quote solution helps the business measure performance by sales rep, product line, customer, region and many other criteria. What’s more, it promotes collaboration and accountability within the organization, leading to better customer service and higher close ratios.

Stay Current: Centralizing pricing with an on-line database helps simplify data maintenance and keeps everyone current on the latest pricing updates. Having a current price list saves everyone time and eliminates costs associated with out-of-date and disconnected price sheets.

Businesses must continually innovate to retain customers and capture new markets. One of the biggest benefits of implementing a quote to order solution is the ability to drive best practices across the organization, focus efforts on added value services and gather strategic market information. With a single source of accurate quote, order and lost sales, businesses can analyze trends and make decisions to maximize revenues.

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