For many businesses, a significant amount of time can be wasted manually converting accepted quotes into orders. Compounding the problem are errors that may occur in the process, requiring costly rework and customer inconvenience. To resolve this issue, ProQuote works with several ERP applications to seamlessly transfer accepted quotes to the order module of the ERP program. In one typical case example, ProQuote and Pioneer Business Systems implemented a connector between ProQuote and SYSPRO’s ERP solution.

SYSPRO is a global leader in providing Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for a broad range of industries across the disciplines of Manufacturing and Distribution. ProQuote is a leader of purpose built sales quoting software design to simplify work, improve customer service and accelerate sales growth.

This interface is a re-design of ProQuote’s Order Transfer module to make use of SYSPRO’s integration capabilities and tools.

The ProQuote / SYSPRO module includes functionality to;

  • Read customer Bill to and Ship to data from SYSPRO
  • Transfer an accept quote to order in SYSPRO
  • Send stock and non-stock product information
  • Write new customer information to SYSPRO
  • Update product information and costing from SYSPRO to Proquote

When the quote is accepted and ready for transfer, ProQuote verifies that all quoted items (product and labor services charges) are valid types in SYSPRO and the customer is an approved account. Once confirmed, the accepted quote is seamlessly transferred to the ERP order module for further processing. After successfully receiving the order, the SYSPRO connector sends a confirmation transaction back to ProQuote with the SYSPRO order number, thus completing the loop from quote to order.

The connector also includes the capability to send new product data and costing and pricing updates from SYSPRO warehouse master to ProQuote. An automatic (e.g. nightly) transfer ensures ProQuote has all recent updates and sales reps are working with the most current data.

With ProQuote and SYSPRO you get the best combination of applications to help run your business. ProQuote provides the ideal quoting tool, while SYSPRO delivers a proven business and accounting ERP software package

In conclusion, integrating quote to order software with existing ERP systems can deliver significant productivity gains, improved customer service and boost overall operational efficiencies. Essentially, all information related to a customer is shareable across platforms and departments.  From marketing, to sales and customer service, to finance and accounting, together these systems provide a complete 360-degree view of your customer.

The link to SYSPRO is only one of several CRM and ERP solutions ProQuote can interface with. To learn more about software integration or how a sales quoting solution can help benefit your business call 905-403-1198 or email us at

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